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E-Commerce Operations Specialist

E-Commerce Operations Specialist (Full-time)


We’re hiring a full-time Operations Specialist to join our small, growing team as we continue to expand our business. We're laser-focused on building our brand through product and market expansion, and you'll be a critical member of our team, with a direct impact on strategy and bottom-line results.

About Us

Makely is an e-commerce brand that sells DIY kits and craft supplies for making a variety of handmade home and wedding decor. Founded in 2013, we originally operated as “I Like That Lamp” and exclusively sold kits and supplies for making handmade lamps and lampshades. Over the years, we grew our product catalog and at the end of 2019, we officially changed our name to “Makely”. All of our products are beginner-friendly and designed to encourage beginner makers, while also supporting experienced crafters. Our products are currently sold in the US, through AMZ, Walmart, Etsy, and Shopify, and we plan to expand to additional markets over the next 2 years.

You can learn more about our brand at on our About Page.

Scope of Position

As our third employee, you will play an important role in shaping the future of our brand. Being part of a small team means that the work you do will have a BIG impact. For the past two consecutive years, we’ve grown our annual sales by over 120%, so this is a really exciting time for us, and we have ambitious goals for the future. We’re looking for an energetic individual, who shares our enthusiasm for e-Commerce, to join us in this exciting next chapter for our brand.

In this role, you’ll support day-to-day operations such as customer service, manage an array of projects designed to increase revenue and profitability, and track key performance indicators to measure success. Our primary sales channel is Amazon, so that will be the focus of your workload, but you’ll also be supporting our Walmart, Shopify, and Etsy channels.

This full-time position is 100% remote, so you’ll be able to work from your home, your favourite coffee shop, or wherever works best for you. You should be available to work from 9AM - 12PM EST, Monday to Friday, but the rest of your workday hours are flexible and can be planned around your own schedule.


      • Product and market research. Identify product listing enhancement opportunities by performing keyword research, reviewing customer feedback, researching competitors and monitoring competitive listings
      • Online merchandising. Manage and update descriptions, images, features/benefits, videos, categories, pricing, up/cross-sell opportunities, storefronts, and promotions to drive primary KPIs
      • New product launch coordination. Help launch new products by setting up new listings across sales channels, organizing marketing campaigns and other activities
      • Inventory forecasting. Monitor inventory levels and generate purchasing forecasts to maintain appropriate stock levels at each warehouse
      • Supply chain management. Manage inbound supply chain from our suppliers to fulfillment centers, utilizing warehouse/carrier management systems, and internal order management systems. Document and manage inbound inventory quantity discrepancies
      • Data + analytics. Pull site analytics data for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as product return rate, product review ratings, number of sessions, conversion rates, and more. Analyze KPIs to measure the impact and effectiveness of ongoing projects, identify areas of improvement, and provide insights into business performance
      • Customer service. Respond to customer inquiries and product reviews in a professional and friendly brand voice. Monitor “out of stock notifications” and notify customers once products are back in stock
      • Order fulfillment, returns/exchanges. Process the shipment of orders, send tracking numbers to customers, and ensure the timeliness and arrival of shipments. Process product returns, exchanges, and cancellations.
      • Special projects. Facilitate ad-hoc business development projects.

The Benefits of Joining Makely

Work/Life Balance

100% Location Independent

Flexible Schedule

Vacation + Sick Days

Career Advancement Opportunities

Professional Development

Application Process

  1. Send a pdf copy of your resume to Ashley Wilson at:
  2. Include the phrase “E-Commerce Operations Specialist Application” in your email subject line
  3. Fill out our Career History Screening Form
  4. Once you've completed the above steps, we'll be in touch within one week if we wish to schedule an initial interview with you. Please note that finalists for this position will be asked to arrange personal reference calls with former managers.


We look forward to hearing from you!