Adhesive, Pressure-Sensitive Styrene



  • How much Styrene do you need?

    The width of your styrene sheet will be the height of your finished lampshade. The length will be the diameter of your finished shade, multiplied by pi (3.14), plus an additional inch for overlap. For example, if your finished shade is 10” high with a 10” diameter, your styrene sheet will be 10” wide by 32.5 inches long (10 x 3.14 +1).

    Styrene pieces with heights over 12” are a special heavy-duty styrene which create a stronger, more durable shade.

  • Do I need to worry about toxins or overheating when the lightbulb is close to this material?

    CFL and LED bulbs produce very little heat and pose virtually no danger to a lampshade. With standard incandescent bulbs, there should be at least 2" between the outside of the bulb and the interior of the lampshade. The technical term for the adhesive styrene is "High Impact Polystyrene" and in a home use setting, it has no toxic emissions even when exposed to the heat of an incandescent light bulb.

    Can I use this to replace my old lampshade’s liner?

    Yes! You can take apart your current shade and re-use the rings. You’ll need to find new fabric or an alternate material to adhere to the styrene, as it’s usually too difficult to remove old fabric from styrene. There are several tutorials about lampshade making on our blog.


    Does the light from a bulb shine through this styrene?

    Yes! This styrene is translucent, meaning that diffused light will show through it. It’s white in colour, so light diffuses through it nice and bright. The best way to modify the amount of light coming through your lampshade is to replace the bulb.


    What glue should I use to seal the edges of the fabric onto the styrene?

    It's best to use specialty tacky lampshade glue because it’s much easier to work with when making lampshades. It quickly develops a sticky feel but doesn’t dry immediately, giving you just enough time to make any final manipulations. It’s also non-toxic, and dries clear, giving your lampshade a professionally made appearance.


    How do you attach the styrene to the rings?

    Allow an inch of your fabric to hang over your styrene. Use glue to seal the overhanging edges around the lampshade rings, then tuck the fabric under the rings using a wooden molding stick or similar tool. For step-by-step tutorials on this process, visit our blog.



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