Hi, We’re Makely. We’re on a mission to share the joys of making with everyone so that even "rookie crafters" can enjoy the wonderful feeling of being creative.


About Us


At Makely, we believe that everyone is creative. And our online craft store provides the tools, supplies and inspiration to easily transform your creativity into unique handmade décor and stationary. Explore our collection of beginner friendly project ideas, high quality hand-picked craft supplies and carefully curated craft kits. As you find your creative confidence, discover the joy of enhancing your life with beautiful, personalized finishing touches to DIY for.

Our History


We began our handmade journey in 2013 as "I Like That Lamp" after our founder taught herself a new skill: how to make a lampshade. After learning just how easy it was to make a beautiful custom shade, she decided to share her new-found wisdom with the world so that everyone could enjoy personalized decor + the satisfaction that comes from making it yourself. The DIY Lampshade Kit became our very first product, and we haven't stopped since. Today we have a collection of crafting supplies and a library of project ideas that even a novice crafter can tackle with ease.  

Team Makely

Kiri Masters


Ashley Wilson

Operations Manager


Stephanie Enciso

Inventory + Fulfilment Specialist

Our Favourite Tutorials

KIRI MASTERS, Owner + Founder

Hello! My name is Kiri. You've probably already figured out that I love making lamps and lampshades!

I started DIY-ing my own home lighting when I couldn't find stylish and affordable lighting for my own apartment. When I realized that sourcing the components to make my own lampshade could be difficult and confusing, I set about creating a customizable DIY lampshade kit and I Like That Lamp was born.


Building on the lampshade kit, I eventually expanded my company's product line to include an array of beginner-friendly DIY lighting kits and high quality component accessories. My goal is to help people make their own custom lighting projects so they don't have to settle for the limited selection of lighting available in stores. Not only is it possible to make a lamp you truly love, it's also fast, easy, and a fraction of the cost of designer lighting!


Last year, I wrote my very first E-book!