Tacky Lampshade Glue [2 Pack]

    •  Use our Tacky Lampshade Glue to make two or more lampshades that fit your home's decor perfectly. Don’t settle for an expensive lampshade that doesn’t suit your style. Make a custom lampshade for a fraction of the cost with our lampshade making supplies and any fabric you want. You can have a unique one-of-a-kind lampshade in less than an hour!

      This Kit Includes:

        • Two 1 oz bottles of tacky lampshade glue for securing fabric around lampshade rings

      Purchase this Lampshade Glue Kit along with Adhesive Styrene and Lampshade Rings and you’ll have everything you need to make a unique lampshade you love instead of settling for a pre-made shade that doesn’t perfectly match your home.

    •  Did you know that making a lampshade from scratch takes less than an hour? Take a look at our short tutorial below to witness the super-easy lampshade making steps in action!

    •  "Success! The lamp shade looks beautiful, the sticky glue was just the right amount, and now I have some clips and a wooden stick that I've seen used for cuticles." - Alice, Amazon Customer, July 1, 2016

      “Easy to use and the drum shades for my mid century modern lamps look awesome!” - Amazon Customer, February 23, 2016

      “Five Stars. Worked great. Love my new lampshades.” - Sandy, Amazon Customer, August 27, 2015

    •  Why do I need glue to make a lampshade?

      Glue seals the overhanging edges of your fabric (or alternate lampshade material) onto your styrene and around the lampshade rings. It finishes the shade with a flawless, clean look that is more difficult to achieve when using tape or other binding materials.

      Why should I use lampshade glue instead of regular white craft glue or super glue?

      It's best to use specialty tacky lampshade glue because it’s much easier to work with when making lampshades. It quickly develops a sticky feel but doesn’t dry immediately, giving you just enough time to make any final manipulations. It’s also non-toxic, and dries clear, giving your lampshade a professionally made appearance.

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