Comprehensive DIY E-book: Old Lamps, New Life


        Our E-book, Old Lamps, New Life: The DIY Guide to Repurposing and Rewiring Vintage lamps will guide you through the process of wiring old thrift store lamps. Part instructional handbook and part DIY project tutorials, it will give you the confidence to identify the various parts of any type of lamp, wire a new lamp in less than ten minutes, and determine which thrift store lamps make the best candidates for makeovers!

        You’ll also learn:

        • How the 'insides' of lamps work
        • How to take lamps apart and be confident that you can put them back together
        • What makes a good candidate for a lamp revitalization
        • Techniques for restoring the exteriors of vintage and thrifted lamps and light fixtures
        • How to sell refurbished lamps for a profit online
        • + much more!


        And it doesn’t end with the book!

        You’ll also get access to exclusive checklists and videos that walk you through key techniques in the book, including how to rewire a lamp and how to re-sell refurbished lamps online!

        Whether you have just one lamp at home that needs some care and attention, or you're looking for an interesting hobby or skill to turn into a side-hustle, you’ll learn it all here.


        For a Sneak Peak of Old Lamps, New Life’s Bonus Video Content, watch the first video in the series, Lamp Haul: What to Look for When Scouting for Vintage Lamps below.


        “Brilliant. Thorough. Great photos. I'll finally dare to buy those cute old lamps I always run in to at markets.”

        - Anna H., Customer, July 30, 2015

        "Great Guide. I am a fan of vintage lamps, so I decided to check out Kiri Master’s e-book Old Lamps, New Life: The DIY Guide to Rewiring and Repurposing Vintage Lamps. If you’re wanting to refurbish an old lamp, this e-book is an excellent instruction manual, and Kiri Masters guides readers step-by-step through the repurposing process. The detailed e-book includes thorough instructions, along with helpful pictures and diagrams. Masters also gives the reader safety instructions and a lesson on the anatomy of a lamp’s features, and she explains what tools are needed to get the refurbishing project started. The guide is presented in a cheerful and aesthetically appealing manner. I never knew refurbishing a lamp could look so fun!"

        - IM, Customer, July 29, 2015

        “Should be called Rewiring Lamps for Dummies. Before reading this book, I NEVER would have considered taking on a project like rewiring a lamp. Now that I've seen it all laid out with clear illustrations and explanations, I feel confident I could rewire and update an old lamp that's seen better days. Having this guide to take me step by step through the process will make my lamp project a success for sure.”

        - Carole Rains, Customer, July 24, 2015


      I like the idea of refurbishing lamps, but working with electrical wiring scares me.

      This is a good thing. We recommend having a very healthy respect for working with anything that conducts electricity. It can cause shocks, fires, and worse. That’s why the book includes a ton of information about safety while working with lamps and wiring. You’ll learn how to identify lamps that could pose a shock hazard, how to ensure safety of your components, and all about electrical polarization. 

    • What if I buy it and don't like it?

    • We’re confident that the information in the book and extra content will be helpful and inspire you to confidently refurbish your own lamps, but if you read through the whole thing, and still decide it wasn’t for you, we will happily refund your purchase.

    • So wait, is it a book or a video course?

      It’s an e-book that will be available for you to download either as a PDF to keep on your computer, or as an ePub file to read on your digital reading device. You can even print it out!

      The beauty of having all this in e-book form is that all of the additional videos and content are linked to directly from the book. Throughout the book you can click through to videos and other useful content to help explain key concepts and techniques.

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