Lamp Cord

Whether you’re building a brand new lamp or repairing an old, broken lamp, our vinyl lamp cord is a quality choice for your next lamp project!

SUITABLE FOR TABLE & FLOOR LAMPS: Choose the right length of lamp cord for your project. Our 12 foot lamp cord is ideal for making or repairing floor lamps, and our 8 foot lamp cord is best suited for table lamp projects.

5 x COLOUR OPTIONS: These electric cords for lamps are available in black, brown, silver, white, and gold. Every lamp repair cord colour we carry is highly versatile and adaptable to any interior home decor style.

SAFETY FIRST: All of our lamp cord is UL listed and safe for use in the USA. Rated for temperatures up to 105 degrees and 300 volts, our vinyl-covered 18/2 SPT-1 electrical wire has a mold polarized plug on one end, and is the best lamp replacement cord available.

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