Clip On Lampshade Adapter (Gold)

Clip on lampshade adapters allow you to attach your spider / washer fitter lampshade to your lamp without the use of a harp. Clip adapters attach directly to a standard light bulb and then your lampshade is placed directly on top and secured into place with a finial.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Clip-On Lampshade Adapters in a Modern Brass Finish
  • 1 x Finial in a Modern Brass Finish
  • 2 x Lampshade Levellers (Already Attached to Lampshade Adapters)

This lampshade clip adapter is perfect for modern lighting fixtures and contemporary home decor styling. Their brass toned finish is amongst the most versatile of colours. 

How long is this clip adapter?

Each clip on lamp shade adapter measures 4 ¼ inches in height, and sits over standard light bulbs.

Do I still need a lamp harp?

No. Lampshade clip adapters attach spider / washer fitter lampshades directly to a lamp by sitting over top of a standard light bulb. They replace the need for a lamp harp.

What's a lampshade leveller?

Lampshade levellers are made out of a high quality heat resistant silicone tubing, and they wrap around each light bulb clip adapter to create friction. This allows your lampshade to rest level to the ground. They also protect your light bulb against accidental damage. Since the tubes are heat resistant, you don't have to worry about the metal getting too hot against your light bulb. These tubes are also already attached to the clip adapter, so no assembly is required.  

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