Wreath Frame Hoops in Silver or Gold [5 Pack]

HOOP WREATH FRAMESET: This set includes five individual wreath hoops for making a floral hoop wreath, wedding wreath designs or a large macrame wall hanging.

DIY WEDDING DECOR + DIY WALL DECOR: Use these hoop rings to make a hoop wreath installation or a hoop macrame wall hanging for your home - use these large hoop rings however you wish. Your imagination is the only limit!

ADD ANY MATERIAL: A large floral hoop wreath can be made using these rings. Or try your hand at DIY macrame projects using these large ring hoops. Make a large greenery hoop or floral hoops to decorate your walls with DIY wall decor - and be proud of your DIY projects!

HIGH-QUALITY ROUND HOOP SET: Each round hoop is made out of a sturdy galvanized steel with a strong weld finish.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR CIRCLE HOOP: Bind each hoop frame together to make a stunning hoop installation or decorate each wreath hoop individually for a coordinating hoop set. You can even spray paint your circle hoops to match your color scheme - or wrap them in ribbon, jute twine, burlap or cord for a whimsical or rustic wreath look.