Wedding Welcome Sign Stencil Set

WEDDING STENCIL SET: Create beautiful custom signs for your wedding with stencils: Set includes six alphabet and word stencils for making signs - each one measures 7.85 x 17.5 inches.

VERSATILE PAINT STENCILS: Use these reusable modern stencils on wood, paper, metal, textiles and more.

FOR MAKING MULTIPLE SIGNS: These reusable stencils are a fun and affordable way to make beautiful custom wedding signs – instead of hiring an expensive calligrapher, create your own signs for your wedding with stencils.

EASY TO USE: These high quality sign stencils are made of translucent grey 10 mil mylar material, so you can easily see and place your acrylic paint stencils in the perfect position.

MODERN STENCILS: Adding an instant modern, fun feel to your wedding, these large stencils for painting are the easiest way to create beautiful signs for your wedding – stencils keep the positioning perfect every time.

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