Build Your DIY Lampshade Kit


How to Build Your DIY Lampshade Kit


STEP ONE: Choose Your Lampshade Rings





First decide on the diameter that you would like your lampshade to be. That will be the diameter of lampshade rings that you select.

If your lampshade connects to your lamp via a harp, you will need lampshade rings with a Spider/Washer Fitter.

If your lampshade connects to your lamp by sitting overtop of the socket, you will need lampshade rights with a Euro Fitter.

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STEP TWO: Choose Your Styrene




What is styrene?

Adhesive (or "pressure-sensitive") styrene is a thin polystyrene sheet with a sticky adhesive backing. It's the type of material that most high quality lampshades are made with. A release liner is attached to the adhesive side, which is pulled off when you're ready to adhere material to the styrene.

How much styrene will you need?

The height of styrene you select will depend on how tall you want your lampshade to be. We offer styrene in heights of 10 inches, 12 inches, 13.5 inches, 15.5 inches and 17.5 inches.  

To determine the length of styrene you'll need, multiply the diameter of your lampshade rings by pi (3.14) and then add 1 additional inch for overlap.

For example, if you're using lampshade rings with a 10" diameter, you will need 32 inches of styrene.

Styrene Length = 10 x 3.14 + 1 = 32 inches


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STEP THREE: Add Your Lampshade Glue Kit or 2-Pack of Glue




The Kit Includes:

  • A 1 oz bottle of tacky lampshade glue for adhering fabric to styrene and lampshade rings
  • Six binder clips for holding your materials in place
  • One moulding stick for tucking the fabric in around lampshade rings - this detail will make your DIY lampshade look professionally made!

The 2 Pack Includes:

  • Two 1 oz bottles of tacky lampshade glue for adhering fabric to styrene and lampshade rings


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You're Done!

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Soon you'll be making a lampshade that you LOVE!