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Welcome to the resource page for Old Lamps, New Life!


I'm so glad you took your first step towards learning the in's and out's of lamp-making by buying my book! I made these videos especially for you so you can feel confident and supported as you head down the path of restoring and rewiring old lamps. 

If you have a question or feedback related to the book or this bonus material, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me here. Good luck, and enjoy! 


Checklist for Restoring or Re-wiring a Vintage Lamp


Exclusive Video Content


Rewire & Refresh a Thrifted Glass Lamp

  • End-to-end process video
  • Disassembling a lamp
  • Determining what work needs to be done
  • Replacing parts
  • Re-wiring


    How to dis-assemble a lamp

    • How to take a lamp apart - and remember how to put it back together!
    • When & why to cut a lamp cord



    Make money by selling refurbished lamps

    • Why (and why not) turn lamp refurbishing into a side-hustle
    • Venues - where to sell, both online & offline
    • Pricing - what lamps are selling for online right now
    • Calculating profit
    • Merchandising & marketing
    • Resources




    You might find these video tutorials helpful too! 


    How to wire a lamp socket

    • How to wire a lamp socket
    • How to strip wire
    • How to tie an Underwriter's knot



    Lamp Haul Video

    • What to look for when scouting for vintage lamps
    • Recognize what makes a good 'upcycling' candidate
    • Types of lamps which sell well online


    Anatomy of a lamp

    • An overview of all the components of a lamp and how they fit together



    Super-Easy Wine or Liquor Bottle Lamp Video

    • How to make a lamp out of a keepsake wine or liquor bottle in 2 minutes!



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