Macrame - Plant Hanger

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Making your own lampshade is a lot easier than you might expect! And when you DIY, you have the power to control the design details, like the pattern, color and size, so that you can make a lampshade that perfectly matches your home's decor. All it takes is a little bit of creativity, some lampshade-making materials, and an hour of your time to make a totally unique drum lampshade that you can be proud of.

  Estimated Project Time  

Approximately 2 hours, depending on how quickly you tie your knots

Here's What You'll Need


  • A Makely Macrame Plant Hanger Kit, or the following supplies:
  • 100 Feet of Single Strand Cotton Cord
  • 1 x Wooden Ring
  • 12 x Decorative Wooden Beads
  • 1 x S-shaped Hook
  • Scissors

Step-by-Step Instructions


Cut your cotton cord. You will need 6 lengths of 15 feet, and 2 lengths of 2 feet.


Take your 6 lengths of 15 feet and line up the ends so that they’re all even. Now loop them through the wooden ring at the halfway mark.


Take one of your pieces of 2 foot long cord and make a “U” shape with it, keeping one side longer than the other.


Position the short end of the cord a few inches beneath your wooden ring, and wrap the long end around all of the cord, starting at the top and working your way down.

After wrapping your cord, pull the remaining piece through the loop at the bottom and pull up on your cord at the top. This will pull your bottom piece of cord up into the wrap.

Cut off any excess cord and use a pointed tool, like a screwdriver, to push the remaining cord into the wrap.


Separate your cord into three groups of four strands. Take one group, and add a bead to the middle two cords, pulling the bead up to the top until it’s about 3 inches from your top knot. Repeat for your remaining two groups of cord.


Leave approximately 3 inches of space from your beads, and tie 20 Half Square Knots (To learn how to tie a Half Square Knot, take a look at our video tutorial). Repeat for your remaining two groups of cord.


Leaving approximately 3 inches from your Half Square Knots, add another bead to the middle two strands of cord, and repeat for your remaining two groups of cord. Leave another 3 inches, then tie 2 Full Square Knots. (To learn how to tie a Full Square Knot, watch our video tutorial here). Repeat this step for the other two groups of cord.


Now take two strands from one group of four, and two strands from another group of four and combine them to form a new group. Create 2 more full Square Knots. Repeat this step to create two new groups.

Repeat this process of taking two cords from one group and two from another group. Leave approximately 3 inches and create two more square knots.

Take the remaining cords in one hand and place your plant pot in the middle to test out the size. You might need to add another round of Square Knots, or you might find that the size is perfect.


Once you’re happy with the size of your plant holder, hold the remaining cord in one hand and, leaving approximately 3 inches of space from your last round of square knots, create another wrap with your remaining 2 foot length of cord. Follow the same instructions for this as you did in Step 4.

Cut your remaining cord so that it’s all one length. Position your plant inside the macrame basket and use your s-hook to hang your planter.  


Lastly... sit back and enjoy the beautiful piece of decor you made!