Adhesive, Pre-Cut, Pressure-Sensitive Styrene for DIY Lampshade

DIY LAMPSHADE STYRENE: Pressure sensitive adhesive styrene for lampshades is a thin polystyrene sheet with a sticky adhesive backing. It's the most commonly used lampshade liner in professionally manufactured lampshades because it's flame-resistant, durable, and translucent enough for the light of a bulb to pass through. Reveal the adhesive backing on the styrene by peeling back a release liner, then apply your choice of material to the styrene to make professional quality lampshade.

MATCH YOUR DECOR PERFECTLY: With DIY lampshade making supplies, you have complete control over the height, length, colour and pattern so you can make a custom lampshade that perfectly suits your unique style & decor. As a lampshade liner, adhesive styrene has limitless creative potential. The pressure sensitive adhesive will attach to a variety of materials, including velvet, paper, burlap, leather & more. Light-medium weight cotton is the easiest to work with but the possibilities are endless!

RESCUE OLD LAMPSHADES: The lampshade materials in old shades tends to crack and yellow after many years of use, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a brand new lampshade. Before throwing out your old shade, consider restoring it to its former glory by simply replacing the lampshade liner with adhesive styrene. You can salvage and re-use the top & bottom metal lampshade rings from any old lampshade plastic, and add a fresh styrene sheet to give your old lampshade new life.

MULTIPLE SIZES AVAILABLE: Our adhesive styrene lampshade material is available in 5 x unique heights: 10", 12", 13.5", 15.5" & 17.5", and 4 x lengths: 40", 64", 90" & 180". First decide how tall and wide you want your custom lampshade to be. The diameter of your rings will determine the length of styrene you'll need. Reference our chart of common lampshade sizes to determine the styrene roll length you need, or use this formula: Styrene Length = Lampshade Ring Diameter x 3.14 + 1.

SURPRISINGLY EASY TO USE: DIY Lampshade making with pressure sensitive styrene is easier than you might think! With the right lampshade making supplies, you'll find this project easy to do, even if you're not an experienced crafter. In roughly an hour, anyone can make a custom DIY lampshade that looks professionally made with this adhesive styrene sheet for lampshades.