Euro Fitter Lampshade Ring Set



      This is a high-quality metal lampshade ring set for making custom DIY drum lampshades. Making a lampshade is a lot easier than you might expect, and when you DIY you have the freedom to use any color, size and pattern that you like. It just takes a little bit of creativity and an hour of your time to make a totally custom, unique drum lamp shade that you can be proud of.

      European fitter lampshade rings are used on lamps with European-style electrical sockets, which are threaded on the outside. They’re primarily found on imported lamps like those from IKEA. These fitters thread directly onto a lamp’s socket, and are held in place by a cap that screws on.

      They can be built into the top of a lampshade (for pendant and hanging light fixtures) or the bottom of a lampshade (for sconce, table and floor lamps).


        • Includes 2 rings: a top ring with a euro-fitter and a plain, circular bottom ring for making one cylindrical lampshade
        • Most common type of fitter found in Europe
        • Ideal for IKEA lamp makeovers
        • Made out of a sturdy, galvanized steel wire that will last
        • Versatile modern drum style that works well with a wide range of lamp styles
        • Not suitable for lamp bases with harps


      Pair this item with our Adhesive Styrene and a Tacky Lampshade Glue Kit and make a lampshade you love!

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      How will my lampshade attach to my lamp’s base?

      The Euro fitter lampshade ring sits over the lamp socket. Refer to the third product picture for a visual of how this works.

      What’s the difference between a Euro fitter ring and a Spider/Washer ring?

      These lampshade rings attach to your lamp in a different way. Euro fitter rings are generally for IKEA lamp, and some Target lamps, while Spider/Washer fitter rings are more common in the United States. Lampshades with Spider/Washer fitters are for lamps with harps.