Gold 8 Inch Macrame Hoop with Crossbars

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8 INCH HOOP WITH CROSSBARS: Use this crossbar hoop to make a variety of DIY decor. Each ring is made out of brass metal and is 8 inches in diameter, with a 4mm thickness.

MAKE YOUR OWN EYE-CATCHING DIY DECOR: Use this hoop ring to make a macrame hoop wall hanging for your home, a dream catcher, a DIY baby mobile, wedding decor - or whatever else you wish. Your own imagination is the only limit!

MODERN GOLD COLOUR: This circle wreath hoop is made out of a 4mm brass metal. The gold color adapts to any style of decor, and never goes out of style! Easily incorporate the color into your wedding decor, holiday decor or home decor.

EXTRA STURDY ROUND HOOP: This 8 inch brass hoop frame with crossbars is made out of a sturdy 4mm thick brass metal, which is not easy to break or transform. This means you can hang heavy decor from it without worrying that your hoop will transform, break or collapse.

UNIQUE CROSSBAR ADDITION: This circle hoop has two crossbars, attached vertically and horizontally across the center, allowing for really unique decor opportunities. Make a baby mobile, a dream catcher, a macrame wall hanging + so much more.