Holiday Bundle Stencil Set (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Fourth of July)

HOLIDAY STENCILS: Create beautiful DIY holiday signs with this 5 pack of stencils. Includes the phrases “Merry Christmas” + “Happy Halloween” + “Happy Fourth of July” + “In Everything Give Thanks” + “Happy Easter”. Each stencil measures 14.5 inches in length x 5.85 in height.

REUSABLE PAINT STENCILS: Our reusable stencils can be used on wood, floors, furniture, paper, textiles, metal, concrete + more. They’re made out of a sturdy 10 mil mylar material so you can easily wash and reuse them multiple times without them breaking.

ECONOMICAL ACCENT: Stencils are a fun and affordable way to add character to your home. Instead of buying expensive artwork, make your own custom signs with stencils in whatever colour + on any material you choose.

EASY TO USE + ADAPTABLE TO MULTIPLE DECOR STYLES: Our sign stencils are made of a 10 mil mylar that is translucent grey in colour, so you can easily see and place them in the perfect position. Adding a unique touch to any home, these paint stencils are adaptable to any decor style! You can select the paint colour and finish so you can truly make your design your own.

DESIGNED + MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: All of our stencils are proudly designed, manufactured + packaged in the United States, minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting the sustainability of our planet.