Star Pattern Tile Stencils (Set of 4)

SQUARE STAR TILE STENCILS: Set of 4 unique star pattern tessellation stencils for customizing floors, walls, fireplaces, furniture & more. Our stencils are also grey in color and semi-transparent for easy positioning!

DURABLE & REUSABLE 10 MIL MYLAR: Our stencils are made of a non-toxic, sturdy 10 mil mylar plastic that can be washed and reused multiple times. 10 mil is the ideal thickness for home renovation stencils because the material isn't fragile, and it minimizes paint bleed. The thicker the stencil material, the more likely it is that your paint will bleed under the stencil and onto your project.

NOT JUST A TILE FLOOR STENCIL: Our star stencils make great floor stencils for painting tile floors, and they make great concrete stencils for patio renovations. But you can also use them on fireplaces, furniture, back splashes - or even as wall stencils for painting large pattern details across accent walls. Painting stencils is an easy, low-cost way to add character to plain or dated furniture & home decor.

USE INDIVIDUALLY OR MIX & MATCH: Use a single stencil to create a seamless starburst stencil pattern, or mix and match 2, 3 or 4 star jewel tile stencil designs to create unique custom patterns. Sacred geometry stencils with star patterns are versatile and can be used to create unique seamless patterns across a number of different surfaces.

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: 100% of our stencils are manufactured & packaged in the United States. As an American brand, we make a conscious effort to support other American businesses by utilizing our local supply chains.