Dinosaur Stencils Large 18" X 13" (Two Pack)

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2 PACK OF DINOSAUR STENCILS FOR KIDS: Our fun dinosaur pattern stencils are each 18" in height x 13" in length, and they feature the most popular dinosaur shapes from the Jurassic period. Whether you're creating a dino-inspired children's room, a jurassic-themed playroom, or even fun dinosaur wall hangings, you can use our dinosaur shape stencils for making various educational DIY projects with your children!

ECONOMICAL ALTERNATIVE TO WALLPAPER: Decorating on a budget? No problem! Our dino wall stencils are the perfect economical alternative to buying expensive dinosaur wallpaper, and they allow you much more creative freedom. Mix & match between the big & small dinosaur shapes, space them however you wish, and let your child take part in decorating their room! You can choose a single color to create your dinosaur pattern, or paint each dinosaur a unique color - the choice is all yours!

DURABLE & REUSABLE STENCILS: Our dinosaur stencils are made of a non-toxic, sturdy 10 mil mylar plastic that can be washed and reused to make dinosaur wall murals, dinosaur wall art & more. 10 mil is the ideal thickness for wall stencils because the material isn't fragile, and it minimizes paint bleed as much as possible. The thicker the stencil material, the more likely it is that your paint will bleed under the stencil and onto your project.

A GREAT WAY TO UNWIND: Painting & crafting is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern day life. Painting something with your own two hands is both soothing and comforting, and provides a sense of calm and overall well-being. Take a break from your busy life and create a unique space in your home by painting dinosaur wall decals onto walls with this set of jumbo stencils for kids!

PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: All of our stencils are manufactured & packaged in the United States. As an American brand, we make a conscious effort to support other American businesses by utilizing our local supply chains. We also take pride in designing 100% of our stencils in-house with our own handrawn designs.