Spider/Washer Fitter Lampshade Ring Set


    Use this high-quality metal lampshade ring set to make your own custom DIY drum lampshade. Making a lampshade is a lot easier than you might expect, and when you DIY you have the freedom to use any color, size and pattern that you like. It just takes a little bit of creativity and an hour of your time to make a totally custom, unique drum lamp shade that you can be proud of.

    Product Details:

    • Made out of a sturdy, galvanized steel wire
    • Includes 2 rings: a top ring with a spider-washer fitter, and a plain, circular bottom ring
    • Spider-Washer fitters are the most common type of lampshade rings found in the US & Canada
    • Suited for lamps with a harp and finial to hold the lampshade in place


    Pair this item with some of our Adhesive Styrene, a Lamp Harp and a Tacky Lampshade Glue Kit and make a lamp you love!


    Learn how to build a custom lampshade using our Lampshade Rings, Adhesive Styrene and a Lampshade Glue Kit in the short video tutorial below.


    "Just what I needed! These worked out great! Will be ordering again!" -KC, Amazon Customer, July 6, 2016

    "Worked great for the intended purposes. The lamp rings worked beautifully for my lamp shade. They are very well made and very strong." - Amazon Customer, February 14, 2016

    “Super construction quality - well made” - Dennis Ward, Amazon Customer, January 22, 2016

    “Awesome! Now I can make my lamp shade match every time I change my theme or colors.” - Gardenya, Amazon Customer, December 13, 2015


    How will my lampshade attach to my lamp’s base?

    The Euro fitter lampshade ring sits over the lamp socket. Refer to the third product picture for a visual of how this works.

    What’s the difference between a Euro fitter ring and a Spider/Washer ring?

    These lampshade rings attach to your lamp in a different way. Euro fitter rings are generally for IKEA lamp, and some Target lamps, while Spider/Washer fitter rings are more common in the United States. Lampshades with Spider/Washer fitters are for lamps with harps.


    How do I get an electrical plug through that small hole? Do I have to do my own wiring to use this?

    The spider/washer fitter lampshade ring (the one with the small hole) will be the furthest ring away from your lamp’s socket (ie: It’s the top ring in table and floor lampshades, and it’s the bottom ring in pendant or hanging lampshades). Lampshades with this type of fitter attach to lamps by means of a harp. The small hole in the ring allows it to balance on the harp and be secured by a lamp finial.