17 Fun DIY Lamps to Brighten Up a Kid’s Room

April 18, 2017 2 Comments

17 DIY Lamps to Brighten Up a Kid’s Room - I Like That Lamp www.ilikethatlamp.com


With Children’s Day coming next, I wanted to be prepared and gift the little ones in my life with something cute. So I let my inner child loose today on Pinterest and Etsy. It is impossible not to get lost in awe in the colorful universe of decor ideas for kids’ rooms. In this month’s inspirational round-up we look at 17 super cute fun DIY lamps to brighten up a kid's room inspired by animals, fairytales, and superheroes. 

One of the easiest home decor projects to take on is crafting (or updating) a lamp. It can also be one a budget-friendly idea that can actually keep up with your kid growing up because lampshades are easy to customize. Table, pendant and even floor lamps can take new themes as your kids develop their personalities, discover new fairy tales and superheroes or have an accomplishment.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, making a lamp is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, with a little money and a lot of creativity, you can still brighten up your kid’s room. The tiniest touches can make a difference in adding personality to a room. 


Here we go, 17 fun DIY lamps to brighten up a kid’s room.


Lamp Theme: Animals

Kids and animals have a special connection. I grew up with 2 dogs and a cat and I cherish that childhood so much. They were my friends and we would go on adventures together, sleep together and sometimes, we even ate together. One of the easiest ways to integrate your little one's love for animals is a lamp.

The fastest way to create an animal themed lamp is to make a pendant lamp. Find your favorite fabric design, get a drumshade ring set, adhesive styrene, glue and wiring for hanging lights. You can use a simple colorful fabric print of an owl or of all the animals in the jungle. If you want to make your own, check out our drum shade tutorial here.


17 DIY Lamps to Brighten Up a Kid’s Room - Animal Lights - I Like That Lamp

From top to bottom, left to right

1. Cute Table Lampshade with Owl Fabric Print, Children’s Lampshade by ShadowBrightLamps |  2. Pendant Safari Fabric Nursery with Zoo Animal Pattern by mobilampshades   |  3. Fabric DIY Animal Shade Table Lamp by Chelsea from Farmfresh Therapy  |  4. Adorable Teddy Bear DIY Night Light by Michael Saurus on Instructables   |  5. Table Drum Lamp Shade with Yellow/White Chevron Fabric Print by PerrelleDesigns  |  6. Children's Rabbit Bedside Lamp by Holly Blue on Not On The High Street   |  7. Cute Marquee Snail Baby Night Light by HappyMoonLV   |  8. Small Birds Fabric Lampshade with Tripod Wood Base by JamesBarkerDraws   |  9. DIY Animal Themed Nursery Lamp Made with $7 Target Toy as base by Rebecca from Petite Party Studio  |  10. Table Lamp with Jungle Fabric Shade for Safari Themed Nursery decor by mobilampshades   |  11. Vintage Judi's Winding Musical Nursery Lamp with Miniature Teddies  |  12. Handmade Yellow/White Elephant Drum Lamp Shade with Letter Base for Nursery or Baby's Room by Perrelle Designs 


    Lamp Theme: Stories & Superheroes


    17 DIY Lamps to Brighten Up a Kid’s Room - Animal Lights - I Like That Lamp


    From top to bottom, left to right

    13. Fairytale Themed Table Lamp with Pink Castle Fabric Shade for Nursery Decor by ShadowbrightLamps  |  14. Fairytale Princess Pendant Lampshade Inspired by Children Drawing for Girl Nursery by ninitak   |  15. Table Lamp with SuperHero Fabric Drumshade by Alina Thomas   |  16. Kids’ Room Peter Pan Themed DIY Lamp by Alisha Hurt Photography   |  17. Table DIY Lamps with SuperHero Applique Shade seen at Groovy Kids Gear



    Making a DIY lamp is easy. You can find all the essentials of a DIY lamp in our shop. We sell styrene, lampshade rings, lamp harps and lampshade glue - everything you need to make a custom lampshade! Shop everything you need right here.

    For tutorials, visit our dedicated section here or see what our contributors created





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