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21 Stunning Examples of Wedding Lighting Decor That You Can DIY

April 23, 2018 1 Comment

21 Gorgeous Ways to Use Hanging Lighting at Your Wedding. And They're All SUPER Easy to DIY! Visit for tips and tutorials on how to DIY your wedding lighting for a fraction of the cost of wedding lighting vendors ;)


When it comes to making your own lighting, hanging light fixtures are amongst the easiest to make. All you need is a DIY lighting kit and about 5-10 minutes of your time. When used as wedding decor, hanging lights look absolutely majestic and literally make us swoon :) If you're wondering how to make your very special day even more authentically you, consider DIY-ing your own lighting and adding your own unique spin to it. It's A LOT easier than you may think, and it will cost you a fraction of what a wedding industry professional will charge you to create the same thing. We've been keeping our eyes + ears open for the best in hanging lighting, and we've curated a collection of our very favourites for you to see. We hope they inspire your wedding day's decor!


Mix hanging lights in with florals for a fun contemporary feel // Southbound Bride

Hanging lights off an archway adds a romantic touch // My Wedding Guides Blog

Chic, geometric pendant light fixtures above your tables creates a cozy ambiance // The Knot

Hang glass vintage lamps off an archway for a romantic soft glow // The Knot

Low hanging industrial-chic bulbs create a stunning visual that your guests will love! // The Knot

A sky-high table runner of lights is truly breathtaking // S tyle Me Pretty

Mixing different sizes of Edison bulbs with greenery will look breathtaking in a warehouse venue // Pinterest

Instead of a backdrop for your head table, opt for a hanging installation of lights! // N ouba Blog

It only takes a handful of hanging light fixtures to create an awe-inspiring look // Pinterest

Pair your hanging lights with geometric cages for a contemporary vibe // Bridal Guide

Use bottles around your hanging lights to create a charming light display // Erin Jean Photo

If your venue is outside, hang a string of lights on tree branches for an ethereal forest ambiance   // R uffled Blog

Pair your hanging lights with greenery + choose bulbs that emit white light for a glitzy vibe // 100 Layer Cake

Creating an embellished platform for your lights to hang from will truly inspire your guests! // P interest 

Opt for hundreds of hanging lights for a truly magnificent visual feast //  Bridal Musings

Match the finishing of your lighting's hardware to your decor for a fully cohesive look //  P interest

Hang single strands of twinkling lights over your tables for captivating reception décor //  Ruffled Blog

Chic Edison bulbs instantly upgrade an outdoor seating area while providing an intimate glow //  Snippet & Ink

Incorporate an array of mason jars for a rustic reception //  D eer Pearl Flowers

Wrap light cords in green garland for an enchanted forest feel //  Pinterest

Add cages to your hanging lights to accentuate an industrial theme //  H ello May







Once you've wired your socket, you've got yourself a working hanging light fixture. The sky is the limit now - you can wrap them with a colored thread to perfectly match your wedding's decor, you can paint the hardware, you can create an installation out of them with IKEA hooks, you can string a bunch of them together - the list goes on and on. Once thing is certain though: you'll completely WOW your guests with your uniqueness!




  • 8 or 12 Foot Lamp Cord
  • 4 Piece Socket Set With Standard Off/On Knob
  • Rubber, Knurl and Metal Washers
  • Black Bushing
  • 4 x Lockwashers
  • 2 x Locknuts
  • 2 1/2″ Nipple
  • Detailed Instructions to Help You Make a Lamp You Love!
21 Examples of Hanging Lighting Decor That You Can Totally DIY Yourself! Visit for Tips + Tutorials on How To DIY a Hanging Light Fixture for Your Wedding!

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