6 American Football Themed Lamps in Honor of Super Bowl

February 03, 2017

6 American Football Themed Lamps to Get You in the Mood for Super Bowl - I Like That Lamp


It’s THAT time of the year when football fans all over the country start counting down the minutes and seconds remaining until the annual championship game. Yet, for many, it’s not just about watching the game. Super Bowl is a time to get your family and friends together and kick it off with a food party. So, while crews are working hard to prepare the stadium for the square off between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, I’ve been doing my own share of hard work, planning a Super Bowl party and a gift for my better half.

While browsing all kind of crazy Super Bowl party decorations, I got the idea to gift my beloved one an American football themed lamp, one that would carry his favorite team’s logo. If it weren’t for my knack for DIY lamps, my shopping list for this Sunday would have been huge. Anyway, while looking for inspiration, I found there are a lot of sports’ themed lamps out there. Looks like I’m not the only one looking for that perfect gift for my football obsessed better half.

Seeing all these beautiful lamps, most of them DIY projects, I realized a football themed lamp is a really good idea for home decor. It’s not only the perfect gift for sports buffs and his man cave, it’s also a really cool item to add to your kids’ room, and for those of you who plan really huge parties on Super Bowl Sunday, such a lamp would work beautifully as a Big Game table centerpiece.


6 American Football Themed Lamps to Get You in the Mood for Super Bowl


Top Row (left to right):

  1. Antique Looking Vintage Style Football Lamp by DsGlassDesigns on Etsy 
  2. Football Helmet Lamp with Custom Walnut Base by Halwood Working 
  3. Football Trophy Base Lampshade by Pottery Barn Kids


      Bottom Row (left to right):

      1. New England Patriots Football Lamp by ThatlampguyGraz on Etsy
      2. Football Base Lampshade for Boy’s Room by Project Nursery
      3. NCAA Lamp Junior 24 in Georgia Bulldogs by J Hardy Home Decor



        If all those lamps above sparked your creative genius, it’s time to start designing and looking for old footballs to repurpose into a lamp. Here’s what you will need:

          • Essential for your DIY sports themed lamp is a football or helmet. Make sure their owner knows what you’re about to do. Some of those might be memorabilia.
          • A drill machine.
          • A wiring kit. You can shop one right here.
          • If you don’t have an old lampshade you could repurpose, you can make a new one from scratch. We have this kit and this tutorial on how to make your own. 

          For more inspiration on sports themed lamps,

          visit our dedicated Pinterest board.


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