6 Types of DIY Lamps to Gift on Mother’s Day

May 11, 2017

6 Types of DIY Lamps to Gift on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming soon and it’s the perfect time to take on a DIY project. It’s super fun to make, not to mention quite affordable, and to top it all, there’s really nothing that can beat the personal touch of a heartfelt DIY gift. If you’re the die-hard crafter, there are so many DIY gift projects you could make for your mother that it is really hard to choose just one. And here we are adding one more idea to that fabulous handmade gift list: a DIY lamp.

You know us, we love lamps and we think they make perfect gifts. Just think about it: you could make a new lamp out of anything and you could customize a shade in so many different ways.

We curated a list of 6 types of lamps that could make perfect Mother’s Day gifts. There’s something for the mom who is always updating her home décor, for the mom who loves her photo albums, for the mom who is always collecting all kinds of memorabilia during her trips or for the mom who can’t get enough of her crystal cleanses.

6 Types of DIY Lamps to Gift on Mother’s Day - Find Tutorials & Lamp Supplies at www.ilikethatlamp.com

Top Row (left to right):

1. If your mom is always looking to update her home decor, she is definitely going to love a DIY lamp made out of a beautiful, elegant old China, porcelain vase. Learn how to make a DIY lamp out of old China or a beautiful vase for the mom with a home decorating hobby here.
2. For the mom with a library full of photo albums, you can gift her a DIY lamp with a hade made of photo slides featuring her favorite moments.
3. If your mother is always bringing home all kinds of shells, pine cones, stones and other tiny memorabilia from her trips, you can gift her a fillable DIY lamp. It looks pretty and gives her the perfect display for her tiny souvenirs.


Bottom Row (left to right):

4. Make a DIY lamp showcasing actual photos of you mom and loved ones. Make it emotional and include photos from your family’s archive and even your mother’s childhood. Print your photos to fabric or paper for a really nice finishing touch.
5. For the mom with a knack for crystals and alternative healing therapies, gift her a DIY geode lamp to help her do a crystal cleanse of her home.
6. If your mom is the ultimate chef, then this is an idea she’s going to love. Go through her kitchen (or thrift shop if you can’t touch her cooking tools) and recycle old kitchen items into DIY lamps. You can use old graters, whisks and even spoons and forks.


We hope this inspirational post got you into your DIY-mode. Remember it’s never too late to gift someone close to your heart something you’ve crafted with your own hands.



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