6 Easy Ways to Customize Bottles for Winter Themed DIY Lamps

December 12, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Customize Bottles for Winter Themed DIY Lamps


Oh dear, it’s that magic time of the year. Christmas is just around the corner and you’re looking for new ways to bring that cheer into your home. Your tree is most likely already set and you love spending the evening under Christmas lights, sipping herbal tea and gift shopping online for your loved ones.

We love Christmas here at I Like That Lamp. Well, what’s not to love? Loved ones, gifts, decorations, hot tea, comfy blankies… This list is so long. But one of our favorite reason to love this holiday season is we get to decorate our homes with cheerful decorations and our lamps get the same “royal” treatment. Our lamps can spread that magic celebratory vibe into our homes so why not go the extra mile for a truly holiday festive decor?

Looking for inspiration for our new DIY Christmas themed bottle lamps, we found these 6 amazing tutorials to decorate those recycled wine bottles. Whether it’s a bedtime lamp or a desk shade project, your new winter themed lamps will set the mood on winter magic.

Check out the links below to get the full tutorials for your winter themed bottle basis.


6 Easy Ways to Customize Bottles for Winter Themed DIY Lamps


Top Row (left to right):


Bottom Row (left to right):

The Finishing Touch


Your Christmas themed bottle of wine (or champagne) is two steps away from becoming your new most favorite lamp in your home.

  1. Read our tutorial on how to make your bottle into a lamp, here 
  2. Shop your kits


We hope this inspirational post got you into your DIY-mode. We love to feature customer’s DIY lamp projects - you can see some of them here. Customers who share their finished projects with us get a 25% Off coupon to invest in future lamp-making projects!



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