Austin's Rustic South Dakota Lampshade

May 28, 2015

Austin's Rustic South Dakota Lampshade



Nothing makes me happier than when customers write in about their DIY lamp & lampshade projects. Like this incredible lampshade that Austin (a fourth-grader!) made for his class's South Dakota exhibit! Since he wanted a tapered-shape lampshade, Austin's Dad helped him figure the dimensions needed for the lampshade using good old-fashioned math. They turned it into a project that the whole family got involved in!



The shade


Austin and his Dad made the lampshade using our DIY Lampshade Making Supplies, fabric, and leather cord. The animal and text silhouettes were cut out and sewn onto the fabric before applying the styrene. And instead of attaching the lampshade rings to the styrene & fabric with glue, they punched holes along the top & bottom edges and used a leather cord to stitch on the rings - using 15 feet of leather cord in total!




The lamp base


The lamp base tells its own story: the family made it with natural edge alligator juniper from New Mexico, an old wood fence post, barbed wire from grandpa's land in South Dakota, and a piece of Iowa walnut.





Great job, Austin & family! What a priceless family heirloom to treasure!


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