Brittany's Wrapping Paper Lampshade

January 14, 2015

Brittany's Wrapping Paper Lampshade



Many people making their own custom lampshade from scratch gravitate immediately toward fabric to cover their lampshade. Fabric gives a nice smooth, traditional finish, it's true - and of course you can find fabric in pretty much any pattern or color you want. But when Brittany from got her hands on our Custom DIY Lampshade Making Supplies, her mind immediately sprung to some beautiful decorative wrapping paper she picked up from Target.


"This lampshade kit typically calls for fabric, you can make your own drum lampshade using the fabric of your choice, but you know me – I wanted to shake things up using paper!"


Brittany used the same steps to create her wrapping paper shade as those for a fabric shade (instructions included in the kit). She used a 12" high by 12" diameter lampshade kit, which was the perfect dimensions for her statement-sized table lamp.





Check out Brittany's full tutorial on how to make a lampshade with wrapping paper.



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