Chelsea's Nursery Lampshade

October 10, 2014

Chelsea's Nursery Lampshade



When Chelsea from Farmfresh Therapy was decorating the nursery for her first child, she couldn't figure out what kind of lampshade she wanted. By using one of our DIY Lampshade Making Supplies, she was able to make her own lampshade using super-cute fabric that she ordered from Cotton & Steel to coordinate perfectly with the look of her baby's nursery. Chelsea says:


"I have to say that I LOVED working with this lampshade kit. It comes with clear, easy directions, all the supplies you need, is simple to use and the finished product looks great... You can also pick a customizable size for your shade (which is great as not all standard shades fit on thrifted or repurposed lamps).


In terms of cost, with the price of a normal shade and excess fabric (needed for those shades that aren't perfectly cylindrical), and spray adhesive you're getting pretty close to the cost of this kit. So save your fingers from stickiness and try out this easy to use kit!"





Check out the full DIY nursery lampshade tutorial at Farm Fresh Therapy to see how Chelsea did it. The dimensions for the lampshade she made were 12" high by 12" diameter. It's easy to make your own custom lampshade - check out how our custom DIY Lampshade Making Supplies work or take a look at more DIY lampshade tutorials.



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