Customer Project: AJ’s DIY Bourbon Bottle Lamp

July 12, 2017

Customer Project: AJ’s DIY Bourbon Bottle Lamp

When our customers share their DIY lamps, they make our day. It’s not just because we get to see our lamp kits in action. We love it when we see customers adding their unique touch to a DIY project, that specific signature that gives that lamp personality. And in today’s Customer Feature, we have a cool recycling project that showcases a bourbon bottle, a candlestick holder and a message that makes this lamp all the more personal and unique.


I Like That Lamp customer AJ shared with us his DIY lamp project on Twitter and it just shows how easy it is to create a cool new lamp when you get the courage to combine different elements. AJ didn’t just recycle an old bourbon bottle into a new lamp. He used it to convey a message.


" I made a lamp out of a candlestick holder I made out of a bourbon bottle. Thanks @ilikethatlamp for the kit! (and @chunklet for the sticker)" 

Customer Project: AJ’s DIY Bourbon Bottle Lamp

AJ’s DIY bottle lamp was made using a bourbon bottle, this electrical wiring kit and a candlestick holder. It’s the tiny details that swept us off our feet. We loved how the wax was dripping on the bottle and how this customer decided to use the traditional label to make a personal manifesto. 



You can learn how to make a lamp using a bottle as a base in our tutorials section. You will find all the essentials of a DIY lamp to love forever in our shop. We sell styrene, lampshade rings, lamp harps and lampshade glue - everything you need to make a custom lampshade!  


We love to feature customer’s DIY lamp projects - you can see more of those here. Customers who share their finished projects with us get a 25% OFF coupon to invest in future lamp-making projects! Share yours on Instagram and Facebook.

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