DIY Dipped Tripod Floor Lamp

April 12, 2014 1 Comment

DIY Dipped Tripod Floor Lamp



A vintage surveyor's tripod found on eBay is the base (literally) for this DIY floor lamp. This easy project took just 30 minutes plus drying time. When the tripod arrived, it was a flat gray. To add some excitement, I spray painted it a metallic silver. Then I taped off the bottom of each leg and painted on a fun coral color for contrast.









I used one of our own I like that lamp DIY Lampshade Making Supplies for the electrical wiring part of making the lamp. These kits are able to be customized, so I chose a lamp cord & socket finish (nickel & silver) to suit my lamp base and a longer cord length since it is a floor lamp.





The instructions included in the kit are easy to follow, and the wiring of the lamp takes about 10 or 15 minutes.





Topped with a cut out drum lampshade, it's a chic and eye-catching transformation. 


Other kinds of industrial or household stands and tripods make great floor or table lamps - like this lamp made from a drum stand. You can buy customizable DIY electrical lamp kits right here at the I like that lamp shop.



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