DIY Lampshade with Cut-Out Geometric Pattern

April 20, 2014 5 Comments

DIY Lampshade with Cut-Out Geometric Pattern


Making a DIY lampshade means you can create a completely customized look - from the size & dimensions of the shade to the fabric you use to cover it. But your options don't end there. There are great non-fabric options for covering your lampshade and ways you can play around with the adhesive styrene in your DIY Lampshade Making Supplies - like cutting patterns out of the styrene for a self-patterned look. When the lamp is turned on, the light shines through the cut-outs, making your chosen pattern or text come to life. The look can be subtle or bold, depending on the pattern you create. This classic drum lampshade gets an easy lift with triangle cut-outs at the base of the shade.









Like the floor lamp base? See the full tutorial here



What you'll need


  • X-acto knife

  • Scissors or rotary cutter & mat

  • DIY Lampshade Making Supplies. I used a custom sized 16" high X 18" diameter kit, which is a good all-around size for a floor lamp

  • Natural fiber fabric. Light/medium weight 100% cotton is by far the easiest to work with

How to do it


  1. Design your cut-out pattern. Triangles are a fast and simple cut-out option. You could also get creative with more delicate floral cut-outs, or bolder with large graphic text cut-outs.

  2. Trace your pattern onto the sheet of adhesive styrene included in the lampshade kit. Carefully cut out the shapes with an X-acto knife.

  3. Follow the instructions included in the lampshade kit.




Our all-in-one DIY Lampshade Making Supplies make lampshade creation easy. Each kit contains all you need to make your own custom drum lampshades, using your own fabric.

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