DIY Wood Veneer Lampshade

September 03, 2014

DIY Wood Veneer Lampshade



Wood veneer has been a hot home decor look for a while, and we have seen some unusual home items feature a wood look. But this DIY tripod lamp & veneer lampshade from The Merrythought blog is definitely a personal favourite.





We sent the girls at The Merrythought a DIY Lampshade Making Supplies to try out. The simplest and most obvious way to use the Kit is to choose your own fabric and embellishments to make the shade (see how the kit works with this video), but Manda shows us that fabric is certainly not the only material you can use to create a custom, truly unique lampshade.


"These kits are so fantastic – everything you need to make your own lampshade, sent to you in a box, you just provide your own fabric or material! I love the idea of making your own lampshades – it’s so much more fun to be able to get just the look you want and add your own personal touches."


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