Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Lampshade

March 09, 2014 1 Comment

Easy Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Lampshade



If you want a quick, easy and cheery update to a lampshade, think about adding some quirky embellishments.   





Here are a few ideas & tutorials showing you how to do just that. Most of these ideas are reversible, so you can change your look as the mood hits. Victoria from A Subtle Revelry added tassels to her pendant lampshade for an easy and fun update.





Bright and cheery does it with this Pom Pom Pendant, again from A Subtle Revelry.





Glue silk flowers to a shade like this lampshade from Lunch Lady Vintage on Etsy.





This Paper flower lampshade from Aunt Peaches used paper flowers glued onto a shade. The candy-striped bias tape to finish off the edges gives it an extra kick.





Legging-covered lampshades from Vintage Revivals are truly out-of-the-box thinking and  are easy to change out as you update your color scheme.





If you've seen a fun and easy way to add pizzaz to a lampshade, let us know in the comments below!



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