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Get the Look for Less: Designer Lampshades

January 02, 2014

Get the Look for Less: Designer Lampshades



Lampshades from stores like Anthropologie are pretty, but they can also cost a pretty penny.  Here are some ways you can get the look for less by DIY-ing your own designer shade. This Anthropologie lampshade is heavy on the embroidery and embellishments. The shade itself is plain gray cotton, with fabric flowers and embroidered details. Make your own version for half of Anthropologie's price.  

If you're handy with an embroidery needle, you could DIY this look on a rectangular sheet of fabric and then apply it to adhesive styrene; but if you don't have the skill (or patience), simply apply some ready-made embellishments to a finished shade. We love these fabric flowers from isakayboutique on Etsy: 

 ...and dainty crocheted creations from CaitlinSainio, also on Etsy: 

 The Anthropologie shade is 8.5" high and 12" in diameter. Get a custom DIY Lampshade Making Supplies in a similar size for $25.

 Another Anthropologie looks that can be made for less: a simple eyelet fabric shade. While the store version will set you back $99, you can make your own version for just $37.  

A similar eyelet fabric is $12 per yard at

The Anthropologie shade is 8.5" high and 12" in diameter. Get a custom DIY Lampshade Making Supplies in a similar size for $25.

Pottery Barn's cafe-style lampshades are easy to replicate with a rustic cotton or linen print.

A similar cotton or linen print is $9.20 from

The dimensions of the small PB shade is 12.5" diameter x 8.5" high. A 12" x 10" custom size DIY Lampshade Making Supplies will set you back just $25. 

This roaring 20's style lamp from Dot & Bo has a minimalist black base. The real draw is the chic shade, which can be re-created for a fraction of the price.

 Re-create the look with a 10" x 10" custom size DIY Lampshade Making Supplies and supplies from

  • 2" fringe  - $1.48 per yard

  • 1 1/2" wide satin Ribbon - $0.98 per yard

  • Black cotton broadcloth - $2.98 per yard

Next time you see a designer lampshade you love but at a price, you don't start thinking instead of how you could re-create the look for less. You might end up with something you like even more than the original!

Psst... want to make your own lampshade but don't know what size you need? Start with our FREE Lampshade Measuring Guide. it shows you exactly how to measure an existing lamp base to figure out the perfect-sized lampshade. Or, learn more about DIY Lampshade Making Supplies and watch a video of exactly how the process works.



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