Handmade Lampshades We Love on Etsy!

November 05, 2014 2 Comments

Handmade Lampshades We Love on Etsy!



If you're in the market for something quirky, handmade, or custom-designed for you, you can't go further than Etsy. Once a small, indie site for DIY-ers to share their wares, Etsy is now a booming marketplace chock-full of any kind of gift item you can imagine. Custom-made lampshades are in no short supply on Etsy: usually handmade to order by experienced craftspeople. Often they accept custom work, allowing you to choose the fabric that the shade is made with. A fabulous service for anyone short on time or lacking in confidence to tackle the project themselves.






Of course, you can also try your hand at making your own custom lampshade using an I like that lamp DIY Lampshade Making Supplies! Here are some of our favorite custom-made lampshades from Etsy for you to use as inspiration.



Custom Drum Lampshade in Caitlin Wilson's Metallic Gold Scallop Fabric




This understated beauty has a glamorous metallic gold accent, made with fabric by designer Caitlin Wilson. It was recently featured on the first page of Etsy!





Flamingo lampshade




The flamingo was a trending motif in 2014. In contrast to a lampshade with a subtle, tradition design, don't be afraid to go bold with a graphic print!





Hand-printed lampshades



This Etsy maker designs and hand-prints her own fabric, before using it to make beautiful handmade lampshades.





1960s style lampshade




This maker has a distinctive shabby-chic style, with lots of bright, saturated colors. I love the use of trim on all her shades. Pom-pom trim especially is a great way to give some personality to a shade!





Midnight Blue Navy Flax Lampshade



Another US-based lampshade maker using beautiful, high-quality designer print fabrics for custom lampshades. This navy Casablanca-Moroccan print is a rayon-linen blend, which would look stunning in real life.





Want to make your own custom lampshade? You can make your own in only an hour, using your own fabric, for less than a designer shade!





And if you want to learn how to start making & selling your own handmade lampshades online, check out our Professional Lampshade Maker program.



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