How to Turn Glass Jars Into a Beautiful Mercury Lamp

July 06, 2013

How to Turn Glass Jars Into a Beautiful Mercury Lamp



Halt! Hold the recycling! Glass jars can be painted, dyed, cut and glued together to create a totally new and unexpected form - like this mercury glass table lamp made from peanut butter jars. The fact that I could do this project means admitting the shameful truth about my peanut butter addiction. I could dwell on my feelings of helplessness and shame, if I weren't so pleased with the result:





Mercury glass has been one of the hottest home decor trends this year. But DIY-ing mercury glass is a lot more fun than buying it!


There are two key tools you'll need to re-create this: Krylon Looking Glass spray paint, which is pretty hard to come across in craft or hardware stores. I definitely recommend just ordering it online. Secondly, a glass cutting tool. There are various types you can get.



You'll need:




Turning Your Jars Into a Lamp





Step One

Use the glass cutting tool to cut the top section off each jar. Instructions will be in the kit, but essentially you can use the tool to score a line around the glass, then alternate heat from a candle and cold from an ice cube. The temperature extremes cause the glass to crack in a neat line. Very cool. Just make sure you use safety eyeglasses - glass in the eye can't be fun.


Step Two

'Mercurize' some of the glasses. There are many tutorials around Pinterest and the interwebs about creating mercury glass - like this Mercury Glass Tutorial  guest post on TidyMom by Kim from Today's Creative Blog - so I won't re-create all the steps here. I chose to keep two jars clear and spray the other two with Looking Glass paint to produce an alternating pattern. Another cool idea would be to have varying depths of silver for an ombre look.



Step Three

For the top of the lamp base I drilled a 3/8" hole (the standard size of lamp kit nipples) in the center of one of the jar lids. To keep with the polished silver look of the lamp, I painted the lid and the lamp socket with silver spray paint. The Looking Glass paint doesn't really work well on metal, you'll want to use regular metallic spray paint.





Step Four

Epoxy the jars together. Make sure the glass ones are really clean inside first! The epoxy glue I used required mixing - some don't. Just follow the directions on your glue. Carefully apply the epoxy to the underside of one of the jars and attach another. Make sure to minimize drips and visible epoxy. Although it's clear, you don't want to see gloopy bits!





Step Five

Assemble the lamp kit socket. Follow the instructions on the lamp kit. Your base will be the jar lid, where the nipple should screw in snugly. Continue to assemble the socket as directed.



Step Six

Epoxy the lid to the top jar. Wait for the epoxy to dry and enjoy your chic new lamp!





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