Customer Project: Jenn's DIY Vintage Camera Lamp

August 17, 2017 3 Comments

Jenn's  1930s Vintage Camera Box with 35mm vintage negatives - Read more at


Upcycled items make amazing lamps if you put the time and creativity in it. In As shown in a previous post, when we featured 22 old items that make beautiful lamps, even an old thing can get the shine it once had. And in this week's post, we have one more idea to add to that list and it's coming from an I Like That Lamp customer.

Jenn did an amazing job giving a 1930s vintage camera box a new life. Plus she used lampshade rings and adhesive styrene to make a new lampshade using 35mm vintage negatives. For the photography fan, this table lamp would make a perfect DIY gift. 

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Project materials: 


Vintage cameras and photo negatives not only look fabulous, they make unique lamps for one other reason: they come with their own interesting history. Imagine you could find an old film reel from when your grandparents were young - you could bring those memories back to life with a beautiful DIY lampshade, one that will truly be cherished.


The 35mm 

 During World War II, many photojournalists were using 35mm cameras to take photos for their articles, making the switch from still life/staged photography to capturing life as it happened. One of the most famous 35 mm photographies is Joel Rosenthal's image Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima and it was taken during the World War I.

 The the 35mm was first introduced in 1892 by William Dickson and Thomas Edison and over time it became the most common film gauge used in motion pictures and photography until digital photography and projection took over. Initially, photography was an expensive endeavor, but with time it became considerably more affordable. It was the switch to instant photography and Polaroid's chemical process to develop film inside the camera in less than a minute that made the switch.



Find all the essentials of a DIY lamp to love forever in our shop. We sell styrene, lampshade rings, lamp harps and lampshade glue - everything you need to make a custom lampshade!

Jenn's  1930s Vintage Camera Box with 35mm vintage negatives - Read more at



We love to feature customer’s DIY lamp projects - you can see more of those here. Customers who share their finished projects with us get a 25% OFF coupon to invest in future lamp-making projects! Share yours on Instagram and Facebook.


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