Kitschy, Glam & Boho - Festive DIY Lighting

December 18, 2013 1 Comment

Kitschy, Glam & Boho - Festive DIY Lighting



Christmas is right around the corner! There have been some very cute and unique lighting projects that craft and design bloggers have come up with to add some festive zazz to their home decorations. While lights on a Christmas tree is the obvious way to bring light into your home over the holidays, these DIY projects put a new spin on festive lighting.  Only some involve electricity and globes, while others cleverly use lighting fixtures as a base for embellishments. Bring light into your home for the holidays!

This pendant lighting decoration from Dutch blogger Maartje at Silly Old Suitcase is the definition of girly kitsch. Though it was made with the festive season in mind, you could definitely see this working year-round in a little girl's room or playroom. A great close-up detail is in the tutorial too, but they may just give you sugar cravings...



Ingredients include...



Katie from Katie Gavigan Interiors describes her style as ' fairly maximalist'. For anyone who thinks too much is never enough, the holidays provides the perfect opportunity to go a bit more over the top than usual with embellishments. Whoever said that your lamp can't be the proud recipient of a feminine handmade tassel? This project was featured on A Creative Day blog and shows step-by-step instructions from Katie on how to create these boho tassels.



The best thing is that the color of the tassel can be updated throughout the year, or re-located as you see fit.



Another festive lighting project featured on A Creative Day Blog was this DIY 'LOVE' marquee sign made with string lights. Eileene used MDF letters and a packet of strong bulb lights to create this mantelpiece beauty for under $30!



Drilling holes for the string of light bulbs.



Jennifer from A merry mishap made this rustic but glam-festive rope light strand lighting feature by weaving together thick manila rope and a string of lights.



Install it on a wall or coil in an artsy pile on the floor for a new take on a 'floor lamp'!



Another one for those with a sweet tooth, Thistlewood Farms' Christmas walkthrough was super-sweet and showcased a heavy dosage of saturated, girly colour. KariAnne utilizes her pendant lampshade to add height to her festive decorations. This works particularly well over the table since it adds interest to the table setting without getting in the way of conversation. 



Hope these clever crafters give you some inspiration on how to get truly festive with your holiday lighting... there are still a few days left!



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