Melissa's Lampshade for her Tricky Vintage Base

February 21, 2015

Melissa's Lampshade for her Tricky Vintage Base



Blogger Melissa from The Sweet Escape had a pair of gorgeous, unique vintage lamps that were perfect for her mid-century modern living room, but was beyond frustrated when she couldn't find suitable lampshades to go with them.  


"Here’s the thing with vintage lamps – they can be super cool but will give you grey hairs trying to find the right size modern lamp shade. Like seriously, it’s impossible!"





Our DIY Lampshade Making Supplies turned out to be the perfect solution since you can choose the exact height and diameter you want your finished shade to be. Melissa chose a classic white linen to cover her DIY lampshades, and the result is a pair of perfectly-proportioned lamps to last.





See the full tutorial on The Sweet Escape. You can also find out how to measure your lamp base to determine what sized shade you need with our free guide!



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