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Inspiration for Making Square, Panel + Geometric Lampshades

August 25, 2015

Inspiration for Making Square, Panel + Geometric Lampshades



While drum lampshades are a classic shape which suit all kinds of lamps (as well as making great pendant lights), sometimes a more structured shape is what you need to complete your lamp's look. Here are some examples of lamp shades with square or other geometric shapes. Some are DIY projects, and others are store-bought shades to give you ideas when you decide to make your own DIY panel lamp shade.


Images from top left: (1) Handmade Panel Lampshade from I Like That Lamp (learn more about panel lampshades here) (2) Plain Beige Square Shade from Lamps Plus (3) NYC Subway Square Lampshade from Meninos Store  (4) Square lamp shade covered with wallpaper, source unknown (5) Square lampshade covered with printed fabric from Hobby Lobby (6) Mercury glass lamp with rustic shade from Caron's Beach House   



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