Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades

February 08, 2018

Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades. See more at


One of our favorite things in life, besides crafting lamps, is seeing what our creative customers have been up to. And they never cease to amaze us. As much as we try to come up with different ideas to inspire them in their DIY projects, it is actually them who show us there are countless applications to our products in their lamp makeovers. We are deeply grateful and equally happy to see that we play a small part in helping crafters give their lamps new life.

In this month’s customer feature we are showcasing a pair of beautiful fabric lampshades. Our customer, Sarah made these to replace the old lampshades on her living room lamps. The old lampshades were ruined, looked yellowed and were hard to dust off. She confessed she had been wanting new lampshades “like forever”.

“The lampshade that came with the lamp eons ago was a dingy yellowed drum shade. It worked ok but never excited me. Then in the last move, the shade got ruined. This bright white shade was $3 at a thrift shop. Price is all it had going for it. The smaller lamp to the left came with A. She loves it. I like the lamp but that shade-! It clings to dust, the trim is peeling off, I hate it.”

Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades. See more at

Before picture of Sarah's lampshades.

With the help of our DIY drum lamp shade kits and a cool piece of fabric, Sarah made two new fabric lampshades, one for a floor lamp, and another, for a table lamp.

“I am really pleased with how these turned out and how easy it really was to do the shades. I will be making more of these in the future - a red one, perhaps? If you are thinking of doing this, I can’t recommend I Like That Lamp kits enough.

I do recommend that you start with a smaller shade if you have that option – the big one was a bit harder to work with due to its size, but I had confidence from doing the smaller one first. I can see myself getting a bit frustrated if I had started with the larger one first.”

Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades. See more at

After picture of Sarah's new DIY fabric drum lamp shades

Project Materials:

    Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades. See more at

    You can see more of Sarah’s DIY fabric lampshades, on her blog, right here.


    Customer Feature: Sarah's DIY Fabric Drum Lamp Shades. See more at


    Making your own drum lamp shade is a piece of cake. You can make a DIY lampshade for a table lamp, floor lamp, and even a pendant light fixture for your ceiling. It just takes a little bit of creativity, some lampshade-making materials, and an hour of your time to make a totally custom, unique drum lamp shade that you can be proud of.


    1. Find all the essentials of a DIY lampshade to love forever in our shop. We sell a full DIY drum lamp shade kit: adhesive styrene, lampshade rings, lamp harps and lampshade glue - everything you need to make a custom lampshade.
    2. Check out our tutorials to learn how to use a DIY drum lamp shade kit to make your own lampshade
    3. Learn how to accurately measure your lamp to find the perfect lampshade size 


    We love to feature customers' DIY lamp and lampshade projects - you can see more of those here. By the way, customers who share their finished projects with us get a 25% OFF coupon to invest in future lamp-making projects! Share yours on our Instagram and Facebook.



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