Customer Project: Sheryl's DIY Nintendo Lamp

May 01, 2017

Customer Project: Sheryl's DIY Nintendo Lamp



I Like That Lamp customer Sheryl was looking for the perfect Christmas gift for her daughter’s boyfriend. We all know how hard it is to find the right gift for a man. To top it all, he is a software engineer so Sheryl had quite a challenge on her hands. But she put her creativity to work and created this awesome video game themed lamp.

To be honest, Sheryl’s DIY Nintendo lamp struck a chord with me. I am a die-hard fan of Super Mario and this lamp brought back so many childhood memories. Sheryl brought her A-game and I’m positive her daughter’s boyfriend is utterly in love with his gift. I mean, who wouldn’t love seeing their broken Nintendo put to good use?

“I got the lamp shade plastic from you, I had the lamp workings on hand... I made it for my daughter's boyfriend, a software engineer!”

Customer Project: Sheryl's DIY Nintendo Lamp

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