Table Lamp Roundup October 2013

November 05, 2013 1 Comment

Table Lamp Roundup October 2013



Four to the floor I was sure ... October would produce some sexy table lamps. I was right! This makes me happy, and I love sharing happiness with the world, so get ready to fill your boots, my crafty comrades! Polly wants a birdcage table lamp. Luckily Polly knows of a gal called Carrie Waller from Dream Green DIY. This is an easy project that re-purposes an interesting object very effectively. Find Carrie's tutorial for this lamp in her monthly contribution to The Burg.



I was lucky enough to discover this gorgeous glass demi-john lamp by Cat at Take Courage. After quite a search, the demi-john was sourced by Cat from La Boutique Vintage, and it couldn't be more perfect especially with the super cute lampshade. Wouldn't it be sweet if every table lamp came with a cute kitty? Think I may have just discovered my next business idea!



Don't settle for shabby, treat yourself to chic! If you find yourself in the same room with a sterile lamp whip out some sisal, burlap, and paint and let the inevitable glamorous rejuvenation process begin. Find out how to emulate the below creation at Saving More Than Me.



Step into the future by embracing this fantastic cube cardboard lamp from Up Cycle That. This lamp requires 20 square cardboard pieces and a LED bulb. Such a groovy design that is super affordable.



Staying hydrated is important but so is home decorating. A happy medium has been found by Dear Emmeline with this antique water bottle lamp. If you have one of these old water bottles make sure you try and locate the stopper; for this project you drill a pipe through the stopper and this pipe connects to the harp. Homespun goodness!



This shape tape table lamp from East Coast Creative is so cool and it seems incredibly easy to put together. Very few supplies are required and using shape tape makes it virtually impossible not to achieve a professional finish with gorgeous clean lines.



And finally behold this tripod lamp (complete with camouflaged cord) from Dogs Don't Eat Pizza that would be perfect to illuminate a late night study session. Some tripod lamps can get away with the cord hanging down between the three legs, however, for a tripod lamp designed for a small table, this neater look definitely gets my tick of approval.



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