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Featured on Just Call Me Home Girl: Tara’s Space Lamp DIY Makeover

February 13, 2018 3 Comments

Tara from Just Call Me Home Girl made the cutest space lamp ever for her son’s bedroom. See more at


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Tara from Just Call Me Home Girl made the cutest space lamp ever for her son’s bedroom. She used our DIY drum lamp shade supplies, an awe-inspiring space themed fabric and a touch of Rust-Oleum textured spray to make a perfect lamp for a big boy toddler room.


“I have a happy little man in this house after I transformed a $4 lamp from @habitat_restore_dutchess_ny into a space lamp! It had no shade so I used @ilikethatlamp lamp shade parts to make my own!


Once everything was dry and put together I put it in my son's room and told him I had a surprise. He rushed in and his eyes got so big. According to him, it’s super, super, super, super, super awesome.”


Tara from Just Call Me Home Girl made the cutest space lamp ever for her son’s bedroom. See more at


For her space lamp DIY makeover project, Tara used:


To see how Tara made her DIY space fabric lampshade and the full process of transforming a plain $4 lamp base with a cool “moonish” texture, visit her at Just Call Me Home Girl.

Tara from Just Call Me Home Girl made the cutest space lamp ever for her son’s bedroom. See more at


Loved Tara’s DIY drum shade idea? Save it for later, to your favorite Pinterest board.




Making a custom lampshade using your own fabric is simple and fun. In fact, it will take less than an hour to make a simple fabric or paper drum shade from scratch. You can also customize the height and diameter of the finished lampshade - perfect for vintage shades which are hard to find shades for! The only hassle will be sourcing for the perfect fabric to suit your room's decor.

You can be creative about the type of fabric you choose for your simple drum shade (you can even recycle an old T-shirt, a sweater or a silk blouse), or replace it entirely with paper

 How to make a DIY lampshade using fabric or paper - Read more at

If it’s your first time making a custom fabric drum shade, here’s where to start:

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