Tutorial: Wallpaper Lampshade

August 14, 2015

Tutorial: Wallpaper Lampshade



This is a follow-up post to the DIY Antique Wallpaper Roller lamp base which Trisha made. To go with my brand new custom made antique wallpaper roller lamp, of course, I had to make a custom lamp shade to coordinate. Let me tell you, I never even realized that it was possible to make my own lampshade. I always just assumed my only option was to recover one that I already had or had found second-hand.  But it is possible to make your own and it is so much better than any alternative out there!


Not only was it really rewarding to make my own coordinating lampshade, but it was really pretty easy too.


So before we get to it, I have to tell you that I think this is the most adorable packaging I've ever seen! There is nothing more exciting when beginning a project than seeing something like this.





To get everything set up, I laid out all of the items in the package to see what I was working with. I also found it helpful to stretch out the adhesive styrene in the kit to make it easier to work with when applying it to the fabric.





With all the supplies laid out, I then rolled out the fabric that I planned on covering the shade with and ironed it to be sure it was wrinkle free.





Now things get exciting! After I ironed my fabric, it was time to adhere the shade. Here's the awesome thing - there's no glue or spray adhesive necessary! All I had to do was peel off the backing and stick it to the back of the fabric. Seriously, it was so easy!





Once I had adhered the shade to the fabric, I trimmed the edges to allow just enough room for the fabric to be able to fit around the frame of the lampshade. The instructions that come with it provide the exact allowance and they are spot on so I didn't have to make multiple cuts and I definitely had enough fabric to work with.





Once the fabric was cut, I was ready to start assembling the shade. At this point, I used the binder clips that were provided in the kit to hold the ends together to make sure the size was going to be appropriate for the frame. I then placed additional clips around the edge to lay the frame on top of to make it easy to wrap the fabric around the frame section by section.





Note: make sure you point the spokes of the shade inside the lampshade, rather than outward like shown in this photo :)



Next came the glue. I found out the hard way the glue amount is a little tricky. At first, I used too little glue so the fabric wasn't staying tucked under the frame, but then I overcorrected and used too much glue so it started coming through the fabric, so finding the right amount is key.





With the glue in place, I wrapped the glue-covered fabric around the wire frame and tucked it under and held it for a bit to ensure it stuck.





After wrapping the fabric around the top of the frame, I then repeated the process for the bottom of the frame and glued the seam together where the two ends of the shade met and voila! I had a completed shade!





Putting the shade on the lamp and turning the lamp on was the most gratifying feeling! Knowing that I made a lamp from start to finish and that it really is a customer one-of-a-kind lamp is such a cool feeling! If you haven't made your own lamp yet, what are you waiting for? This was the first one I've ever done, but it certainly won't be the last!


If you want to see how I made the lamp base from an antique wallpaper roller, check out the accompanying tutorial!



By Trisha Rawlings 

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